The genesis of Cost Stewardship began at a financially challenged United Methodist church plant (The Promise UM) in suburban Indianapolis. Our work and dedication is best described by churches we serve.

As The Promise Finance Chair, Monte Chamberlin, the founder of Cost Stewardship, declared “no more ministry cuts.” The Sunday morning cafe was bleeding money. At the same time, The Promise was cutting children’s ministries which is the lifeline of future discipleship. Many wanted to forgo the doughnuts, a fellowship ministry.

Building a network of churches with similar issues, Monte aided The Promise in forging a relationship with the Krispy Kreme Corporation to deliver Sunday worship doughnuts at $3.40 per dozen. Our local network grew to 200,000 doughnuts per year saving more than $40,000 to help fund ministries.

Cost savings and refund programs were developed to aid church ministries. Once the programs were presented, the network quickly grew to over 250 churches. Monte personally took a leap of faith in 2010 and launched the Cost Stewardship mission and ministry to address many financial needs for churches.

After four years of ministry, Cost Stewardship has built our relationship by offering our support to churches without pretense and a serving heart. A majority of our time is spent reaching out and building awareness which is a prerequisite to helping local churches. We hope that these efforts lead to new and unexpected funds to support ministries and outreach across the nation.

Our refund ministry helps find unknown or abandoned funds for many. While refunds are a pleasant surprise to most churches, it also fuels our ability to provide outreach and awareness in non-traditional areas. We hope to be able to serve in many ways which can be found by visiting our program and partner pages.