Large Church Initiative at the Woodlands

– Cost Stewardship served alongside GCF&A, EO and Vanco at the LCI conference at The Woodlands, TX.    We all are participants in the new Sponsor Program developed by the General Council on Finance and Administration.  GCFA is leveraging the ministry of administration to support the local churches in new and innovative ways.

While attending the conference we were blessed to meet very progressive facilities managers of large churches that had implemented state of the art energy and mechanical solutions … a growing and common practice.  A refreshing practice we found was churches sharing costs with other churches.  One manager explained cost sharing with another church saved $180,000 on a mechanical installation quote.

We at Cost Stewardship have the opportunity to meet, network and connect with hundreds of churches.  Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a resource from a sister church.   We have and will continue to introduce churches to churches when an unmet need can be served.