Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide easily accessible and sustainable cost improvements to faith based organizations. We believe the savings of both time and money can translate to additional resources available for ministries and outreach.

Our Principles

  • The financial resources entrusted to all of us belong to God … the one who bestowed these gifts.
  • Efficient management of God’s resources supports HIS will to advance ministries and outreach.
  • Together we gain strength, leverage and momentum…standing alone we lessen our opportunities.

Monte portrait 2

Monte Chamberlin

Founder – Owner



The Cost Stewardship ministry emerged from a United Methodist church plant in Fishers, IN and it began with doughnuts … yes doughnuts.  The church was considering cutting the doughnuts from the Sunday morning cafe and Monte as Finance Chair saw this as a directly assault on the children’s ministry budget … kids love doughnuts.  He approached the Indiana United Methodist Conference office seeking to leverage the size of the Indiana locations (+1200).  To everyone’s surprise a church and corporate relationship for DOUGHNUTS was forged.

The local Krispy Kreme factory expressed an interest in serving the +1200 churches Indiana UM churches.  As a result, doughnut costs went from $6.00 @ dozen from regional and national grocers to $3.40 @ dozen from Krispy Kreme (down 40%),  doughnuts were fresh and “sometimes warm” plus they were delivered and billed monthly versus weekly hassles of pick up and reimbursements to parishioners.  Cost, quality, service and convenience all lined up positively and eight months later a group of churches in a united cause were buying +200,000 doughnuts per year … good for the churches and good for Krispy Kreme.

Fast forward … Monte voluntarily introduced 4 to 5 more programs and with +300 Indiana UM churches participating, he declared an “unmet need” and took a leap of faith to start a business named COST STEWARDSHIP.  The humble doughnut Genesis has led to a national program serving +34,000 UM locations to find refunds from government agencies and utility companies.   Monte states, “We will find and serve unmet needs for faith based and not for profit entities of all size.  Our legacy will be to build those relationships one location at a time and with equal service regardless of size, geography or heritage.”



Monte was formerly a top-50 executive and twenty four year veteran of Thomson Multimedia, an $11BB multinational company specializing in consumer electronics products and digital media services. Thomson was formerly known as GE Consumer Electronics and RCA.

His core competency is Finance. In the Americas he managed finances for the $1.5BB TV Profit Center and held non-financial management positions in Program Management, Production Planning and Logistics and managed the Manufacturing Technology group. He served as the executive leader of a global supply chain re-engineering program and worked for the parent company in Corporate Planning and Strategic Planning.  Monte is leveraging his prior corporate relationships and skills to help faith based organizations develop real and sustainable cost improvements to fund ministries and outreach.

He has more recently served as the President of the Board of the Franklin UM Community, a leader in continuing care in Indiana. He has previously served as the Indiana Rep to the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.  His daughter Cait, age 28 continues to defy the normal progression of this rare and destructive disorder. He willingly offers his time and talents to many not for profit causes and actively coaches multiple children’s sports in the community of Fishers, IN where his family resides.