Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long am I committed if I sign up to a program?

A: You are only committed to the last order you placed. Our programs are non-obligatory and non-exclusive. Your choice to participate is on a day to day basis and you are not limited to one supplier. This is flexible.

Q: Why are companies offering such deep discounts?

A: The simple answer is they are looking for additional business. Like no other time we have seen, our economic environment today has opened the door to new agreements like these.

Q: Who is funding the effort to start up these programs?

A: The suppliers typically fund the launches as they are motivated to see the programs grow. They fund activities to stimulate participation and as a participant you will never be asked to pay a penny … it’s free to play.

Q: What if I see pricing in the stores that is better than the program?

A: Buy at the store. No day to day program price will beat in store promotions which are designed to generate traffic.

Q: We have a parishioner supplying to the church that a program competes with. What should I do?

A: If the parishioner has a giving stewardship history and is competitive … stay with them. If the parishioner has no stewardship history and is uncompetitive, you make the call. Anything in between requires thoughtful communication, reflection and prayer.

Q: I want to support the local economy and buying from a national supplier may hurt the local economy. What do I do?

A: Keep in mind many national suppliers have stores and employees in your community. If a local supplier is competitive … you can be a cost steward by staying with the local. If the local is not competitive, ask yourself: “If my church ran out of funds, would I ask the local supplier for money to help us stay open.?” If the answer is no, reassess your thoughts as you may be prioritizing external business over your parishioner/ministry needs. If the answer is yes, see if the supplier will help you now and be competitive today.