We have helped several hundreds of locations save money using refunds and incentive programs from unlikely sources.  Refunds available from state and federal agencies and utility companies are sometimes not well known or published.  Well placed obstacles make the refund process tedious and your rights to back file for years is a surprise to many.  Here are some beneficial programs we can enroll you in for immediate results:

Health Care Navigation

Helping you find the right health care plans at the right cost for policies not under denomination plans. The public and private exchanges can be easy to navigate with the right help. Expect 20-30% savings without subsidies.

Did you know 71% can qualify for subsidies? We help you exercise your rights, remain compliant and avoid penalties while dealing with the changing rules of the affordable care act. Click here to request more information about our health care navigation services.

Health Care Refunds (ACA)

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers a refund of up to 25% of healthcare premiums paid by not-for-profits on behalf of their employees.  Clergy plans bought through denominations and private plans bought for employees equally qualify for refunds which come to you in the form of a check from the US Treasury.  2010 and 2011 refund rights have expired and we are helping many locations back file for 2012 and 2013 refunds which will also expire.  These incentive and refund $’s shifted to low income individuals in 2014 and beyond.

To help you understand your options, we offer a simple prequalification survey that takes two to three minutes to complete. If you qualify, you can obtain an estimated refund amount by investing another four to five minutes.  At your request we offer a proposal to help you obtain your refunds using a very simple process. 

There are no upfront costs for us to help you understand your rights.  There are no costs if no refunds can be obtained so there is no risk.  We do work for sharing to pay for our work and support our business.

Please consider investing less than 10 minutes of time to complete the survey, call us directly at 317 409-2984 or send us an email to with the subject line “We want refund help” and specify how to contact you.


Utility Sales Tax Refund Program

Many non-for-profits unintentionally pay sales tax on metered utilities which includes telecommunications, internet, gas, electric and water. In many states, these can be eliminated and often three calendars years of taxes can be refunded.

Our program is easy and simple. Your efforts to obtain exemptions and refunds can be limited to signing a couple of documents and providing us with one recent copy or each utility bill. We obtain exemptions on your behalf, stop taxes and refunds come directly to you. You gets refunds and keep all future savings to support ministries and outreach.

We support our refund ministry through refund sharing. We absorb all costs to process and obtain your exemptions and refunds. If no refunds can be obtained, there is no charge for our services. This eliminates risk for your organization and places the burden on us to perform.

Last, we support any and all seeking refunds regardless of size. Any size of refunds are better off in your hands than abandoned and left behind with the government or utility companies. For more information about this program, call 317-409-2984 or send us a message online.



Energy Cost Reviews

(Will accept inquiries from any state)


Electrical utility bills are often assumed to be correct. However, many variables impact how you are charged and what you eventually pay. Tariff rate classifications assigned to you by the utility company, peak demand charges, minimum use clauses, power factor charges, meter multipliers, etc. all enter into your electrical costs. Billing errors can and do occur. Do you know if you are charged correctly?

Bills can be reduced more than 10% with no change in supplier. To help, we need less than ten minutes of your time and effort to allow us to benchmark your bills for irregularities and share those results. If interested send us a message to contact you and we will follow up promptly to provide options to you.

To start immediately, simply fax your bills to (317) 565-2359 for review. Or email them to

See our results at Bellevue Baptist.

Natural Gas

More than twenty states have deregulated natural gas markets.  While this creates competition, some suppliers take advantage of the fact that “Utility Regulatory Commissions” have no authority over the DE-regulated market. This opens the door to some unsavory practices which can eventually lead to gas pricing multiple times higher than well established and recognized market prices.

While there are many respectful suppliers, we quickly identify supplier practices that cause concern for ethics and cause economic stress to an organization. Helping our churches, we have seen gas charges at 2 to 4 times market rate that have unfortunately absorbed tens of thousands of dollars that could have otherwise been used for ministries and outreach.

With less than fifteen minutes of time invested by you, we research and identify problem suppliers and help you terminate the relationship. Many of these companies make it difficult to part ways and we help you persevere thru the process.

For an evaluation, send us a message to contact you and we will follow up promptly to provide next steps.